The top of the mountain, he pulled in the principality of army

The top of the mountain, he pulled in the principality of army, slowly coming ghd australia to the altar, his arms across his chest, then the will keep the position close the prayer. Enveloped her whole body of milky halo blossom again a downy light, support the sacred crazy letter left of the mages and believers made a valiant effort.

The last line of the sunset reflects in the closed down, eyes, and her eyelash beating it, slowly open your eyes. This has four holy light with her eyes open, and send more and more strong light. Afterwards, straight seems to be a new sun in auburn the top rise slowly

Battlefield SheShengWangSi battle ghd iv styler with both sides of involuntary drops to slow down the pace of the attack each other, their unbelievable looked up at the sky drops in like that is as strong as the light of braving. No one can see the light, even look straight into the figure it a little longer, eyes would be like burning up of pain.

But another slat falls under all of the people, all ghd know ghd iv salon styler in that group of holy light, must be the eye of wisdom, the virgin. Then look up at the sky of vision had a party is fanatic, respectively, one party is despair.

Goddess said, to forgive our enemies, for they are just a group of stray lamb. Pull the gentle voice rang in everybody's heart. Not only is the kingdom, o the soldiers, silver when the members of the holy teach remaining can hear the pleasing of voice.

The way to the mountains, the light, cascaded down the hill, washed out the dropping of the steep and steep another slat falls, the light through place, those dark on ice to become clear transparent, buried in snow and ice all the bodies exposed, and the people who died lying there like sleeping peacefully. Be blood donation and stack like hell on earth bodies of another slat falls gradually returning to its color.

Facing this near the scene, tw o signs of the kingdom of a warrior suddenly left the sword, with tears in her ghd deluxe eyes, down on his knees, voldemort, he does not heed his enemies stood outside, in a to will already have rolled blade axe is ghd pink limited edition up. And in behind them, more pious bow down to the principality of soldiers to go down, to kiss the earth, the forehead that cannot express their respect.

All the hatred are due to ignorance. Our enemy in the faith. But they worship the gods, just really twisted the projection. They believe because they do not know. But hatred. Hatred of the gods are not intended for. They twist and wield swords, because of ignorance, choose the wrong target. Their faith, and faith and hard work, but for all their efforts, and hurt is their god.

The pull of agreeable voice and downy, should warm afternoon sunshine. But in fact such as ice cold. At the moment of her, just as those who see the floating dust indifferent between gods.

All people have an illusion, it seems this moment, the pull has become the embodiment of the goddess

The silver holy church of also because the pull of discourse and startled, their hand weapon lop, no one took the opportunity to attack to have all fell on their knees to tw o soldiers. Countries In fact they have been just in self-defense, in force to extend the life of the destruction, they tired body and spirit has reached the limit. Now that the enemy has temporarily stopped certainly ghd mk4 black butcher's knife, they also don't have to struggle against and temporarily.



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