Astoria hotel raged all around the issue of women scream

Do not forget tonight is the new moon vampireCar import busy in the car window is ghd online verlasting strong night on a crowded downtown street market on both sides of the shop windows are placed in the dazzling array of merchandise. Orpheus on the mainland in addition to the four famous cities in the empire empire but also have three large cities are quite famous Anse Al Oster Empire City, Fei Yisi Empire Ramses ghd hair straightener City, Carlo Yuan empire from Seoul City. His Royal Highness us to Ramses the city. Large sub-constant sound of ice ahead of the horse from the carriage seat came ghd radiance set tonight we rest in the citys hotel one night and then tomorrow morning hurry? Night Sakura Kanle Yan Ze down the night lying in his arms for a day to catch cherry blue Ye Hao way everyone is tired. Tonight to find a better hotel to rest and then continued on our way tomorrow night now! Is His Royal Highness. Yaheng carriage drove toward the citys most famous Ramses the Waldorf-Astoria hotel fled. When the carriage through the streets by night cherry blue screams of people outside the carriage, awakened brow wrinkled talk goes on seemingly simple, cute face a little more aging, steady. Look carriage true luxury! Crystal Window yeah! The same old end of the night sky filled with distant stars of the night hiding a strange blue cherry carved rely on the balcony railing and hold the right hand index finger and thumb columns goblet of clear and transparent liquid amber jiggle emit faint mellow. Arranged neatly on the street outside the window of the house lit a bustling colorful lights converging rivers, spectacular light shine in the sky as bright as the day which is also known as Ramses the reasons for the city lights. It has been said, standing in the Waldorf-Astoria hotel ʮ¥ sipping wine while watching more than Phil Ramses the night is the best in life to enjoy. And now the night was sitting on the imperial blue cherry spacious balcony suites reward top drinking and extremely comfortable night. Ramses is indeed the most famous wine even more than Phil so far apart can smell the faint fragrance. Sakura Sakura Night Blue Night Ze looked thin slim silhouette stepped forward wearing a clinging blue and cherry pink nightgown night how silly girl, but now do not go back to the house on a cold February day the balcony actually wearing so little in This hair. Blue Night Sakura turned cold wind scattered her blowing hair draped over the shoulders of a very messy lovely pink nightdress fluttering in the wind roll. Lashes drinks red pupil looks at night like a cherry Ze goes on smooth as the cheek ceramic cold blowing like a sharp blade to make her skin look more pale face of her brother what you stay up? New moon tonight, but how could I fall asleep? Night full of deep cherry hoarse voice Ze charm face eyes smile like the sun soaked affectionate blurred. Sakura Sakura Night Blue Night Ze fine looking face now pale and colorless, are you going to let some of my dresser to go to Chelsea College to school? Ah dresser I think

you should save you a lot of trouble if you do not want to, then of course you can not finish the ghd mini night Ying Ze was cool female voice interrupted. This really is the easy way right after the call I remember the night Do not call blue cherry wrong. Blue Night Sakura Sakura Ze break open the arms of the night turned back to him readily Taking the hands of the glass to move the stone table on the balcony go to bed early night! Night Sakura Sakura Ze attentively watching the night of delicate blue back into the room smiled and shook his head and hand will be the night cherry blue crystal wine glasses on the table just breathe in the hands. Gently shake the cup and then into the lips before the light sip wine in the mouth to stay a while and then take a deep breath to make more sense to fully experience the wines aromatic Phil swallow an end all lingering fragrance which immediately. Ze Ying night from the balcony into the room to sleep at night cherry blue has a moment of the night went to night cherry cherry Ze blue bed to sit down at her delicate face and smiled gently. Ze night that Jolly chic cherry smile as if too busy to open in August in the sunflowers look attractive. Crystal headlights illuminated orange light pair of long, narrow jealous he was flirtatious, like a bright star at night blurred. Night Sakura held out his hand firmly holding the head Ze Night Sakura Blue boneless little hands can not see facial expressions. The next morning the night fishy loose cherry rubbed sleepy blue eye is the first night of cherry-like face Ze evildoer goes faint smile like heaven Haobai the meniscus. Blue Night Sakura smile like the devil just think it is generally across such an incredible night of cherry Ze how you look at will in my sleep? In fact, Im not sure about little too much wine last night, unwittingly climb your bed and fell asleep. Night Sakura Ze ghd iv salon styler said with a weak weak. Drink more? Sleeping the wrong bed? Ah should be the case. Night Sakura nodded Ze look innocent pure and innocent smile to reveal the night bathed in a kind of cherry blue warm sunshine in the summer feeling. Sakura Blue night after a silence bowed his head, said: Since you are wrong bed to sleep it roll down better. Ze Ying Zhang opening night just to prepare what to say but has not yet had time to say it while the muffled sound of heavy landing broke the quiet room. Bang - cherry Ze legs in the air of the night lying motionless on the carpet Then the king suite echoes within the piercing screams of a person so that night was almost a kind of cherry blue feeling of living in the slaughterhouse . Ze Ying night screaming, but although this night of grief does not prevent cherry blue cherry Ze did not worry about the night early in the morning to the screams would disturb the other guests sleep. To know Waldorf hotel room soundproofing is very good sound, whether you need not worry about how much the people quarreling. Important meetings held in secret or something that Waldorf hotel is the best choice place.

Roar over it? Hurry up roar over it we have to hurry. Sakura Blue has put the night yesterdayghd iv mini styler to buy a new black robe at the door and glanced out of being on the ground before rolling the night cherry Ze said. From the door of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel out of the blue one night to see the cherry Baird and sub-constant standing patiently waiting for their carriage side. Sakura walked up to the blue night, looking straight ahead two oblique mouth hung faint smile. Baird and sub-constant watching this man gorgeous pale skin, black robe inlaid with silver trim in the early morning sun reflecting bright white light. His face shone like the sun smile one pair of nice wine red eyes looking at themselves. Ramses the morning mist shrouded the city was covered with a layer of mystery like the tulle. Leaving out on the streets to buy food basket of the night to see women in bright blue cherry smile without feeling self-journeying to stop looking backward in her mouth without wearing a string of crystal clear liquid. Sakura Blue Night Rulangsihu Miaole Miao four weeks the womens eyes and then gracefully into the carriage made of velvet blanket and sat down on the night of her cherry has not firmly secured Ze got on the deadpan. Sakura Sakura Blue Night Ze one night watching people thousands of miles away from the glacier-like on a kind of impulse to laugh. Just in the room, or a poor little daughter Resentment appearance shaking ZZZZZZZZZ screams but now it stood a poker face. Sakura Ze night in front of people in general are like a pair of moving glacier face whole face like never seriously like basalt exposed in front of the slightest emotions. In front of his familiar unknown on the other side will make you some headaches and lively, cheerful, warm like fire like crazy if you want to burn into ashes. He split the double-sided personality as elusive but seemingly contradictory dual format but that he had the perfect combination. Every time I see the night Blue Night Sakura Sakura Ze transform this grid will not help sigh: What a weirdo cut crystal window is not a good thing what the fuss. Look fast to see horses pulling carts or actually reveal a high level of Daimon beast day! The carriage ride is what people? Hope is a big guy really wanted to open the door to see. I do not have vertigo it! That legend is actually reveal Telunduoma Daimons fastest land animal species is very rare quality is also distinguished only four royal empire Daimon keeping this precious animal. Gee carriage certainly not on the identity generally do not know which carriage to sit inside the royal empire. Carriage stopped at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in front of Baird is a gentleman jumped off the carriage to open the carriage door stood respectfully night night Sakura Sakura Ze direct holding down the blue carriage. Get off of that moment in front of the Waldorf-

Astoria hotel raged all around the issue of women scream. The small palace in the ghd iv pure white styler solemn quiet grown up the night is full of cherry blue noise in this space is very unwell. Days, the man looks really looks Jun Koolhaas than my family but also his handsome little girl in her arms Ye Hao looks pretty cute. When dudes and babes become so worthless everywhere! Even the two looks are so good-looking driver there is no heaven! Sakura night watching the passers-blue eyes full of disdain these people is to them as the juggling of it? Actually there are so many people crowd standing here is really damn rude. Noisy dead. Sound naive but sweet voice was cold and folders with dignity. This unexpected sound actually form a virtually inviolable feel coercion. Suddenly all went quiet. Night Night Sakura Sakura looked Ze gently lifted her blue slim fingers point to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel we went. Tone is not to be rejected. Awake? Sakura Sakura Ze night of the night was like a delicate blue flower-like face Ruth Di overlooking the child close to her ear, said softly: how silly girl just can not listen to me? After their bodies are not allowed to retake a joke, but the taste of your blood is very charming. Blue Night Sakura froze for a moment tasty attractive? But vampire blood than those of normal human blood to taste it is an indisputable fact. Hello What is a few adults stay it? I am a receptionist at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel. Wearing a light green robe shop waiter politely say hello to the night they cherry blue. Ah. Ze bit unhappy night Sakura replied blankly. That store is also very smart to see Shi Ying Ze mood the night before the group crowded around to see them side whispered in the streets people will understand immediately satisfactory to the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in front of crowd of people talk severance. Waldorf Astoria Hotel is indeed the most famous city of Ramses hotels around the crowd while the people did not have to be guarded in the hotel dismissed. Led the four into the hotel shop Shi Ze night cherry cherry blue at the counter holding the night before listening to them on the shop paternity Waldorf hotel. Several adults are afraid it is the first time to visit shop! Waldorf, not only in our city famous Ramses are well-known throughout the continent of Orpheus. We have the charm of a unique style, long-lasting and deep history of building the most extraordinary highlight them. Here you will experience unparalleled personal service and meticulous care of all the inherent taste of luxury will leave you an unforgettable moment. Luce as long as you can spend 310 standard rooms in the restaurant one night to enjoy the service can also take 8 Osborn Check Our luxury suites. From the most common standard rooms to luxurious king suites restaurant can be said to serve both the civilian population also serve those

politicians, aristocrats and wealthy guests who will never vary your identity and the level of neglect. ghd white Give me three imperial suites. Shop Shi Ying Ze night heard that three suites will be smiling from ear to ear emperor Waldorf you our king suite hotel is 20 os night. Baird reached the next sub-constant dragged in front of ze night cherry master and sub-constant live my normal standard rooms on the line to live the emperor suites you and miss it! Ah, so be it! Good Lord. Two ordinary standard rooms are 620 Luce with a king suite is a total of 20.62 os 20 os You can also pay us 20 620 Luce. Baird out of 21 from the space bags handed shop paternity os not find the rest of the money. We are ready for some dry food to help me buy some black men do too. Night Sakura Ze added, and then pointed to the arms holding the night cherry blue. Baird to give him 5 os. Shop Shi smiled and nodded before looking at the night of ecstasy cherry Ze heart. To know on the mainland in Orpheus in the common coin is the highest denomination beaten Sri Lanka 10 1000 Luce Luce Bells = 1 = 1 os. Bells in the street can buy with a three night cherry buns and Ze 5 os addition to his dry food money to buy clothes and left outside at least 2 os. Oh, great God of Wealth is really experienced in one day actually make so much money. Shop smiling waiter led the four to four rooms upstairs to the street for the night after the cherry blue clothes. Elton Ramses city clothes clothing store city of RamsesSakura shot from the side face turned blue, like a hazy ink sorrows and joys, since you do not see a carriage on the temperature inside the carriage began to drop a lot colder than even the car. Night Sakura Ze glanced blankly side still in the fluffy blue blanket on the night of her cherry free will send back his ears like a stroke revealing a small pointed ears fairy night cherry Ze hesitation he finally spoke and said : You little ungrateful things just dare to kick me out of bed this account we have to take math. Blue Night Sakura Sakura night staring blankly Waizhaonaodai Ze have this do you want? I do not how that impression? Ze Ying night and not be slow to slowly close the night with cherry blue smile is very strange you do not remember but I remember very clearly Oh! The girl who dared to play the fool in front of me see how I fix you. Night Sakura Sakura Ze gentle blue night looking extremely slowly close themselves feel chilly wind blowing behind only a trace inexplicable quickly out of his left hand against the night chill cherry Ze brother kept the body forward and then close if you do not blame me foot of the heartless. How? You want to come back again to kick down on me from the carriage? If you continue to laugh so Qianbian. Blue Night Sakura paused continued: I do not mind to send you off blow you cool down.



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